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Swedish - Find Absolute Serenity
Enjoy a peaceful and calming relaxation massage.
60 minutes/$130   90 minutes/$180

Deep Tissue - A firmer approach essential to the renewal of balance, allowing you a sense of well being. Invigorating techniques are used to relieve tired sore muscles.
60 minutes/$140    90 minutes/$190

Aromatherapy - Absolute Serenity's Signature treatment. Experience the powerful and delicate benefits of essential oils. Detoxify and cleanse the body while unwinding the mind. Complete your journey with a head to toe blissful massage.
60 minutes/$140    90 minutes/$190

Thai Massage - A 2,000 year old healing practice combining stretching and compression to revitalize the body and aid in the release of obstructions. Improving flexibility and the flow of energy, Thai Massage is perfect for athletes or those that enjoy Yoga.
Done on a padded mat on the floor in loose comfortable clothing. Please allow minimum 24 hr notice to schedule a
Thai Massage.

90 minutes/$180

Hot Stone - Melt away into paradise. Allow the tension to be transformed into tranquility through the warmth of healing hot stones.
60 minutes/$170 90 minutes/$210

Tandem - Two therapists, Four hands, coming together in pure luxurious harmony.
60 minutes/$220

Reflexology - An ancient practice where it is believed that points on both the hands and feet correspond to every organ in the body. Improve circulation and gently help the bodyto renew itself while resting in an oasis of calm.
60 minutes/$130 90 minutes/$180

Aloe Wrap - Soothe and rejuvenate your sun kissed skin. Experience the healing sensations of trace minerals and amino acids found in aloe that repair and strengthen the skin.
60 minutes/$130

Facials - Revitalize and refresh your skin with this luscious skin soothing treatment.
60 minutes/$120

Massage Therapy
on beautiful St. John, Virgin Islands

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